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Take the first step toward reaching your Retirement Goals.

Attend one of our courses to learn how addressing these concerns can help you feel more confident about the days ahead.

Co-host of the Retire with Freedom Radio and TV show, Tad Hill, takes a deep dive into all areas of retirement planning in this 3-hour educational course. He will discuss income planning, investment planning, tax planning, healthcare planning and legacy planning.

What you’ll learn:

  • The structure of what a good retirement plan looks like
  • How to address each area of retirement planning
  • What questions you should be asking your advisor
  • What strategies to employ to help answer those questions

Are you concerned about running out of money in retirement? Do you have a secure strategy to replace your income in retirement? Do you know how much longer do you need to work? What’s the best social security strategy for you and your family? What lifestyle is sustainable?

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September 28
Retirement Course
6:00 pm | Jefferson State Community College
November 9
Retirement Course
6:00 pm | Vestavia Hills Library

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